Right on time, almost. A year later.

I've been practicing the slow down.  Scanning my body to feel where my body is tight from stressors that are most times unnecessary.  I ask why?  Then I work on releasing.  Grace.

I feel the worry of my future in terms of my career fade.  I feel trust.  I feel the courage to step into spaces that are daunting without the endgame.  I feel as though I will overcome but if I fail I will try again with discipline.  I feel patience.  I feel my purpose acutely redefined.  I feel my womanhood.  I feel proud.  

I feel when my mind pushes my thoughts and heart into its habitual dark.  I feel when I summon my power to practice my dance back into the light.  I feel the fear of losing my loved ones grow.  I ignore it until it hits me hard in the slow moments like when I wash dishes.  I feel the yearn the desire the dream of my man my partner my love.  I feel the physical fight to keep my heart open.  It's been so long since its felt a flutter.  I feel my hips tighten.  I feel I must stay in love for us to meet.

I feel it all wavering, as it should.  I feel I need to tap out and go on a journey outside of this reality.  My tender heart allows tears to flow with such ease that I have intentionally worked on balancing my emotions.  I feel I've done well.  I feel ecstatic.  I feel like I need to drink more water.