Preparedness List

Don’t be overwhelmed.  I mean you will be BUT this can be fun, like an apocalyptic camping trip or this can be a pain in the ass that is a financial investment.  Either way you NEED to do it and you know you should.  Please note this information has been gathered from numerous resources however you should always do your own research as well.  It may be incomplete and it is only meant to be a starting point. 

Consider making a bag for your car or work depending on where you spend the majority of time.  You should adapt this kit for your health needs, budget, level of comfort and protection

BEFORE YOUcomes the needs of children, elderly and our pets! 

WATER, FOOD and MEDICINE are the necessary needs however if you’re like me and get cold easily add WARMTH.  Most sources say to prepare for at lease 72 hours however considering our current administration, I mean regime, 1-2 weeks (or more) is ideal. Don’t pack expecting help will come immediately.  I have bumped mine up to a week for my kitty and I, but still am missing a few key items.

I was given a premade bag for my car as a gift; which I added too. I have a backpack if I need to RUN that is accessible in my bedroom closet and a duffel bag in the hallway closet.  I have 4 2.5gal jugs of water in the kitchen and have invested in a Berkey water system this year.

 ALL ITEMS PURCHASED NEEDS TO BE OPENED, TESTED and RE-PACKED.  IF YOU BUY PREMADE KITS WHAT IS MISSING???  I have neatly organized everything in zip lock bags big and small.  No need to be extra frazzled in a chaotic time.  Most supplies can be found at Goodwill, Army Surplus Stores and good ol Amazon.  I’ve provided links to items I purchased or have looked at but again do your research for items that are suitable for you.


OPTIONS for WATER If water becomes unavailable the only water you will have is what is in your fridge, water heater and toilet.  Remember we live in a desert and most of our water is piped in.

1 gal per person/per day my advice, prepare for at least a weeks worth of water if not 2.  These are just options.  I have (3) 2.5 gal water jugs with the spout at the bottom that is useful when you need water flow without having to hold the container. Note- all water in plastic will need to be replaced in about a year and a half.


ER Water Pouches (2 per day/5yr shelf life) buying in bulk is more cost effective

Blue Can Water (1per day/50yr shelf life)

Water Containers

Water Bob


Boil water.

Non-Scented Bleach can be used to purify water. Write this formula in sharpie on the side of the jug: ". 25 tsp./gal”.  Bleach has an expiration date and the concentration varies. (Unsettling banner at the top of EPA website.)

Water Filter

Water Purification Tabs

OPTIONS for FOOD be prepared for at least a week if not 2.  If you choose to buy yummy canned food, grains, beans, etc. make a note in your Google calendar when your food expires and needs to be replaced, same for your pet food.

2 cans of food per person/day

Emergency Food Bar

Emergency Meals Survival Tabs

Energy Bars

Survival Tabs ewww


FIRST AID KITS all pre-purchased kits NEED to be opened.  Most are missing imperative items such as aspirin.  If you or anyone else in your care relies on medicine be prepared!  Does their medicine need to be kept cold/frozen?  Do you need cold packs?  Have small kits at work, in your car and a large one at home.  This is what I purchased, good price and had all the basics.

SANITATION IS KEY Items to add to kits:

Rubbing alcohol, bleach, surgical gloves, razor/x-acto blades, sewing needles, several tubes of liquid superglue, Neosporin, cortisone and aspirin.

EMERGENCY KITS If you buy a pre-made kit OPEN IT before you tuck it way.  Most are missing essentials and have crappy quality flashlights, radios and tools.  You’ll also want real food.  I made most mine from scratch with lists that I found online with an old backpack and duffel bags.


At least 3 copies of important documents (home/work/car) of:


Debit Cards

Credit Cards


Health Ins

Birth Certificate

Social Security


3 Printed Lists (home/work/car) of:

Phones, policy and account numbers (family, friends, gas, power, internet, insurance, banks, etc.)


* I also emailed it to myself

 Have a plan with your family and neighbors Share routes to get to each other or to your meeting point

Have WhatsApp/SKYPE downloaded on phones in case lines in LA get tied up

Have an out of state contact so you can leave messages for family or friends



Your PETS:

In an emergency the first thing I plan on doing is throwing my cat in a bag before she gets scared and hides. I have a really small duffel bag with all her supplies that would double as a litter box/bag with a trash bag as a liner.  This is kept inside her carrying case in my bedroom closet.




Dry food/Wet Food w a lid/ Snacks (a weeks worth)

Her pain medication

Extra zip lock bags/trash liners

BACKPACK Kept in my bedroom closet, which is where I plan to run to in an Earthquake. Everything is in zip lock bags small and large.

A copy of my important documents

A copy of my printed list of pertinent information

Change ATMs are down when power is out:

5’s, 1’s, quarters Amount: as much as you feel comfortable.  I just put $50 but will up it when I can.


6 ER Water Packets

2 Blue Water Cans


1 ration bar

2 power bars

2 beef jerky bars

1 can of tuna opens w tab

1 can of food opens w tab

Booze/Weed/Cigs tough times call for doses of pleasure

Any Beloved Pictures



Pen/Pencil/Sharpie (I wrapped a few rolls of duck tape around my pens)

Phone Charger/Phone Cord

Extra Batteries

Face Mask

Work Gloves


Leatherman/Multi Tool

Glow Stick/Candle (not necessary if you have flashlights)

Headlamp (not necessary, nice while doing activities or if your hands are full)

Extra Ziploc Bags/Trash Bags

Survival Canteen:

Army Surplus Store

Water Bottle



Pocket Knife, Fork, Spoon, Cork Screw

5 in 1 Whistle (compass/waterproof matches/flint/signal mirror)


Emergency Blanket



First Aid I made this with what I already had in the house and put it in a small ziplock


Alcohol Wipes

Aloe Gel/Neosporin

Band-Aids/ Liquid Bandage/Gauze Pads

Heat Warmers


Wipes (lots)

Tissue/Cotton Balls

Tampons/Diva Cup

Glasses/ Contact Case Solution

Toothbrush/Tooth paste

Shampoo/Soap/Lotion/Deodorant/Sunscreen/Chapstick/Hand Sanitizer

Sewing kit/Safety pins/Pockets Knife/Nail Clippers/Tweezers/Mirror

Small hand towel/travel towel


Clothes it saves room to roll up clothes like a burrito and pack in a large zip lock bag

COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES by your bed.  I have an old hiking shoe I put new insoles and laces on.







3 pairs of socks

3 pairs of Underwear


Food Canned food, trail mix, bars, MRE to last a week

Work Gloves

Heavy Mask


Duck Tape

Can Opener


Heat Blanket

Tube Tent



First Aid Kit bought mine online from AAA





Water Purification Tablets

Rehydration Tablets

Weather/Radio Most Ive researched online are all flawed. Either the solar panel doesn’t charge, the rechargeable battery wont hold a charge or the hand crank breaks.  I think its best to find one that also works on good ol batteries.  DO NOT store equipment with the batteries assembled, they could leak.



3-1 tool:  keep in mind you might need to know how and where to turn off gas and power lines


Power Sources

Extra rechargeable batteries (I’ve read Sanyo is best)

Extra AA, AAA and D batteries

Solar Panel (Id like this for Christmas) These are some of the only ones that can charge solely by the sun.  Most need to be pre-charged and charged on a regular basis.

Battery Charger (I don’t have this)

Power Center (I don’t have this)


Fire extinguisher (I don’t have this-yet)

Grill/Camp Stove

Mess Kit: Plates/Cups/Pans/Utensils

Sleeping Bag /Blankets

KIT FOR CAR/WORK My sister bought me a pre-made kit that I added onto.

A copy of my important documents

A copy of my printed list of pertinent information

Map of Los Angeles I still have my old Thomas Guide circa 2005

6 pack of Blue Water Can

Water Bottle

Real Food

2 cans of food that open w a tab

2 granola bars

2 beef jerky

Pocket Knife

All-in-1 utensil

Leatherman/Multi tool

Better quality flashlight


Toilet Paper



Contact solution


Tampons/Diva Cup

I still need to add: shoes and a change of clothes

First Aid Kit