It has to be the moon,

because my o’ my it came on like a wave as it always does.  It’s an emotional bit of undertow.  I believe, I feel that test of faith.  Nope not at all  in a god or the universal vibration of energy but in myself.  I mean I am talking about full accountability and complete unwavering faith in my capabilities.  It’s bigger than confidence it’s walking with definite humble intention.  

“Faith” just like"prayer, blessed & god" are words I abandoned and have now found their place in my vocabulary. “Faith” also brings upon that smidge of perspective I have in understanding the participation in that thing called organized religion.  I mean isn’t it easier to devote faith and prayer to an unidentified entity rather than oneself/yourself/you/me/I/us?  If I can’t believe in myself how the hell could I possibly believe in anything else?   

Then, I feel so selfish and spoiled for even having the literal time to feel so inundated with the ego when I am fully aware of the travesty others are currently walking in.

So settle moon, cause I don’t have the answer.  All I know is the music will still be loud, I will still dance, still sing, laugh and fight that good fight.